Family Meals Out In Exeter at Ruby Buger

Two doors down from Exeter museum is Ruby Burger with it’s quirky American style dinner decor and locally sourced free-range red-ruby beef burgers.

I’d been here before but last time I chose a seat on one of the high barstools by the window. This is the self-service area and after paying for your meal at the bar you need to listen out for someone to holler your name so you can jump up and collect your burger from the kiosk. It’s a quirky idea but personally I when I’m dining out I prefer the laziness of having my food brought to me!

So this time we chosen a squiggly red-leather booth in the waitress service area and pulled up a highchair for Edward. The Mr and I ordered fries each although when they came the huge portions could have easily been shared. The Mr had gone to the traditional chip, where as I had opted for sweet-potato fries and I’m not sure how they created the crunchy outer coating to these, but they were delicious and a real winner for me!

Thanks for reading

Eve x

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