A Quick Guide to Kos Town in Greece


Kos mapKos is a small skinny island and by car it only takes roughly one hour to drive from one tip to the other. It’s mostly flat, so it’s great for cycling and there is a cycle path that runs right around the picturesque harbour of Kos town.


When you reach the town, I would advise ignoring the tacky bars on the main road and make your way through the maze of cobbled back streets to the old part of town. Here you’ll find traditional squares, which we found were perfect for enjoying a drink while people watching!


Our best trip was to the archaeological site of Asclepeion, which is an ancient healing centre. You’ll need a little imagination to picture it in its grander, but the fact that this amazing building was constructed in the 4th century BC is breath-taking.the picturesque harbour of Kos Town.

The picturesque harbour of Kos Town.

Kos town traditional square

Kos Town traditional square

Kos town

Kos Town

the archaeological site of Asclepeion

The archaeological site of Asclepeion


We stayed in the Diamond Deluxe hotel, which is a very modern resort near to Kos Town. I loved the look of this hotel; there are no nasty tower blocks here, just an interesting mix of low-rise buildings that resemble the traditional whitewashed and natural-stone houses of Greece. However, the inside is far from traditional with a white and gold theme and quirky artwork that creates a very modern feel.

Diamond Deluxe hotelDiamond Deluxe hotelDiamond Deluxe hotel

Diamond Deluxe hotel


The only disappointment on the holiday was the north winds. Most of time they’re a welcome light breeze that cools you down as you sunbath, but on some¬†days it felt gale force!

Where we visited: The archaeological site of Asklepieion

Where we stayed: Diamond Deluxe Hotel


Enjoy your holidays!

Eve x

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